Sweden, the best place to invest your clima-Kronor

Attracted to the notion that its time to move your portfolio out of fossil fuels and into something greener? Or are you a corporate thinking about investments and wondering what the best country for this might be? Look no further than Sweden, the best place to invest your clima-Kronor. Sweden isnt at the top of […]

Luxembourg Green Exchange: Where’s the reef?

Today’s FT has written up the opening of the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX).  While I am all for innovation of green products generally, and specifically financial products, I don’t see a strong value proposition for this one. As I read it, LGX is trying to define the standard for trading of green bonds.  There seems to be […]

Without markets, how will we know where to invest climate dollars?

These 3 articles make interesting reading for those thinking about investing climate dollars. The first article relates Ban Ki Moon’s call for investors to do more.  The UN Secretary General is quoted as saying “we must begin the shift away from fossil fuels immediately.”  A Bloomberg report is cited as showing that investment levels need to lift […]