Sweden’s new climate law to be in force in 2018

One country is not blinking – Sweden’s new climate law to be in force in 2018. This morning, at a press conference the Prime Minister announced that his government was to submit a new climate law to the Riksdag. The proposed law will follow normal parliamentary procedures, including committees and debate before a final vote. Given that […]

Huge news: 4 megacities to ban diesel by 2025

The Mayors of Paris, Mexico City, Madrid and Athens have announced that they intend to ban diesel by 2025. This is groundbreaking news that, if implemented, will hasten the demise of the oil industry. That is not to say that the oil industry won’t be around for several decades, but it will be swimming in an […]

Sweden’s “Miljömålsberedningen” announces the end of fossil-fuel usage: Did anyone notice?

In July I wrote this article about “Miljömålsberedningen” for Mundus International.  Miljömålsberedningen, or the Swedish Riksdag’s Cross-Party Environmental Goals Committee had presented its final report – a 762 page roadmap to make Sweden the first fossil-fuel free welfare state.  The headline that Sweden was going fossil-free was actually announced some months earlier, but the roadmap […]

Sweden to be “first fossil-free welfare nation”. Yes, but what does this mean?

It has been six months since we started hearing the Swedish government say that it was going to be the first fossil-free welfare nation.  As a punchline it falls flat, because the average listener will be immediately confused by the juxtaposition of global warming with the welfare state.  To a Swede, the government must hope that […]