Further evidence of Sweden preparing for climate action

Today Germany, Canada and Mexico announced strategies to ‘drastically cut their emissions by mid-century‘. Sweden was notably absent from the headlines on this. Curious.  Nonetheless, the last week has brought further evidence of Sweden preparing for climate action, consistent with their Miljömålsberedningen agreement (covered at length in an earlier blog). In case you missed that, one […]

Sweden to become the first fossil-free industrial state

Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven says that Sweden will become the first fossil-free industrial state.  Is that really going to happen, and, if so, what does it mean?  This analysis was coauthored by Sean Williams (Renovamus) and Magnus Nilsson, a Swedish consultant on green issues, and a frequent commentator in the Swedish press.  The timing for its publication […]

Norway’s National Transport Plan: Opportunities are coming

You may wish to start by reading my post on Norway’s National Transport Plan from yesterday From an entrepreneur’s perspective, Scandinavian countries are small markets.  That could make them less interesting, but they have strong qualities that motivate attention of cleantech entrepreneurs.  Firstly, they are wealthy countries, Norway incredibly so. Secondly, they tend to take the political […]