China will stick by Paris Agreement commitments

According to the FT, China will stick by Paris Agreement commitments. And so will India. Europe of course will too (at least it will say that it is going to, even if it backslides). The exact quote was “As a responsible developing country China’s plan determination and policy to tackle climate change is resolute”, according to […]

Australia shares the blame for coral bleaching

This week the FT said that ‘Australia shares the blame for coral bleaching‘, a result of ‘energy policy in thrall to coal interests’. Harsh, but ultimately fair, the story looks briefly into the coral bleaching that is destroying the Great Barrier Reef, and Australia’s response to it. The article then switches tack and looks at the amazing week […]

Can-kicking becomes a national passtime in Australia: Energy industry becoming uninvestable

The global climate media has picked up on an apparent u-turn in Australian domestic politics during the week, when the Environment Minister was forced to reverse his own comments within 48 hours under the face of withering political attack. Whether there was a u-turn or not depends on your perspective of what the Australian cabinet had […]