Why did EON and RWE split themselves into 2?

Wondering why EON and RWE split themselves into 2? Here’s a great analysis by a finance guy on why these 2 big German utilities split, and the lessons for everyone else. The main message is that over the last decade the European energy market has become 2 markets, a current market for low cost power […]

Sweden, the best place to invest your clima-Kronor

Attracted to the notion that its time to move your portfolio out of fossil fuels and into something greener? Or are you a corporate thinking about investments and wondering what the best country for this might be? Look no further than Sweden, the best place to invest your clima-Kronor. Sweden isnt at the top of […]

If Pax Americana is over, what should cleantech do next?

American political and business leadership on climate change looks to be a door that’s closing. What should cleantech do next? The rhetorical question begins with geopolitics. It is obviously also presumptive that we are witnessing the end of America’s hegemony. There are many reasons to argue that it is too early to call. Maybe American institutions will […]

Huge news: 4 megacities to ban diesel by 2025

The Mayors of Paris, Mexico City, Madrid and Athens have announced that they intend to ban diesel by 2025. This is groundbreaking news that, if implemented, will hasten the demise of the oil industry. That is not to say that the oil industry won’t be around for several decades, but it will be swimming in an […]

Sweden to become the first fossil-free industrial state

Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven says that Sweden will become the first fossil-free industrial state.  Is that really going to happen, and, if so, what does it mean?  This analysis was coauthored by Sean Williams (Renovamus) and Magnus Nilsson, a Swedish consultant on green issues, and a frequent commentator in the Swedish press.  The timing for its publication […]

Luxembourg Green Exchange: Where’s the reef?

Today’s FT has written up the opening of the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX).  While I am all for innovation of green products generally, and specifically financial products, I don’t see a strong value proposition for this one. As I read it, LGX is trying to define the standard for trading of green bonds.  There seems to be […]

Cleantech VC losses force energy startups to look elsewhere for finance

Two months ago I attended a Darden Business School function at the Stockholm School of Economics.  I asked the Chairwoman of the Swedish Venture Capital Association, Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist, who was a panelist, which Swedish VCs were investing in cleantech.  Her simple answer was none.  Given that the Swedish government wants to develop its economy to be a […]

Norway’s National Transport Plan: Opportunities are coming

You may wish to start by reading my post on Norway’s National Transport Plan from yesterday From an entrepreneur’s perspective, Scandinavian countries are small markets.  That could make them less interesting, but they have strong qualities that motivate attention of cleantech entrepreneurs.  Firstly, they are wealthy countries, Norway incredibly so. Secondly, they tend to take the political […]