Why did EON and RWE split themselves into 2?

Wondering why EON and RWE split themselves into 2? Here’s a great analysis by a finance guy on why these 2 big German utilities split, and the lessons for everyone else. The main message is that over the last decade the European energy market has become 2 markets, a current market for low cost power […]

Sweden, the best place to invest your clima-Kronor

Attracted to the notion that its time to move your portfolio out of fossil fuels and into something greener? Or are you a corporate thinking about investments and wondering what the best country for this might be? Look no further than Sweden, the best place to invest your clima-Kronor. Sweden isnt at the top of […]

China will stick by Paris Agreement commitments

According to the FT, China will stick by Paris Agreement commitments. And so will India. Europe of course will too (at least it will say that it is going to, even if it backslides). The exact quote was “As a responsible developing country China’s plan determination and policy to tackle climate change is resolute”, according to […]

Now huge US pension fund agrees – you can’t ignore climate risks

The risks for pension investors of ignoring climate change have been highlighted, and avoided for some years now by Swedish pension funds.  Now Blackrock, a market leading US fund manager, with USD4.6 trillion dollars of funds under management has said that it agrees, and what to do about it. ‘Investors can no longer ignore climate change. Some […]

Further evidence of Scandinavian pension-fund climate activism

The world of pension investments is up for more change. Scandinavian funds are leading on climate action. I get a weekly email from Bloomberg (BNEF) with their take on the important news in the clean & green sector.  In this week’s email they covered a story on a large biomass power station in the UK […]

Scandinavian Asset Managers continue to lead world in low carbon investment

Yet another Scandinavian Asset Manager had taken a large step forward on the path to low carbon investment.  This time, it was AP4’s turn. AP4 is one of the 5 Swedish public pension funds, meaning that a very large percentage of Swedes have an exposure to it.  AP4 has SEK 312 billion (around USD40 billion) of […]