Wake up call

This is a wake up call. According to Bloomberg, pre-work for the G20 Finance Ministers meeting next week, has issued a communique that abandons the commitment for western government to fund poorer country efforts with $100bn by 2020. Evidently, the G20 Finance Ministers now say that cash is scarce, and that “the gap should be filled by the market economy, […]

Government wants Sweden to be cleantech leader

The first draft of Sweden’s new climate policy is out.  With this legislation the Swedish government seeks to kill two birds with one stone (or as a Swede would say ‘two flies with the one swat’); becoming both the most ambitious industrialised nation in terms of its climate policies, and playing to its strengths in innovation, setting […]

Without markets, how will we know where to invest climate dollars?

These 3 articles make interesting reading for those thinking about investing climate dollars. The first article relates Ban Ki Moon’s call for investors to do more.  The UN Secretary General is quoted as saying “we must begin the shift away from fossil fuels immediately.”  A Bloomberg report is cited as showing that investment levels need to lift […]

D-Day plus 2

Reaction to the Paris Agreement Acclaim for the climate diplomats who seem to have landed a robust agreement, but what does it mean for business opportunity?? Many are remarking that COP 21 hasn’t saved the world, but just created a platform from which to do so. Does that mean that we have to wait several […]

D-Day minus 1

Paris, Friday, December 11th, 2015. On a spur of the moment I decided to visit the Paris COP.  A number of unrelated factors resulted in this decision. I’ve an interest in history, and it seemed possible, likely even, that history would be made that day. Experience from going to other conferences was that it gives […]