Attracted to the notion that its time to move your portfolio out of fossil fuels and into something greener? Or are you a corporate thinking about investments and wondering what the best country for this might be? Look no further than Sweden, the best place to invest your clima-Kronor.

Sweden isnt at the top of every investor’s portfolio. True, the country has some big corporates, Ericsson, Volvo, IKEA, doing 1970s stuff. But does it really offer outsized returns worth spending the time and effort to get to know, for a country of just 10 million people. Actually, yes, Renovamus argues. For beginners, Sweden is one of the best hubs in the world for innovation and start-ups. But app development is someone else’s story. Renovamus believes that Sweden could soon be known for green innovation too. The combination of sophisticated power market knowledge in a world that is going electric, a globally important vehicle manufacturing industry investigating driverless vehicles and world-renowned institutes such as the Stockholm Environment Institute and the Stockholm International Water Institute help. But, the main reason will be that Swedish politicians take their job and the climate, seriously. They are going to force their society, and industry to grow the green way.

Renovamus lives and works in Sweden, so it is not a surprise to him. But, a new benchmark of European climate leadership has identified Sweden as a clear #1 in terms of implementing EU climate policy. Well ahead of Germany, well ahead of France, and more than 50% better than all the rest, embarrassingly for the UK and Netherlands. So, if you want to know which country (and company) will be putting its engineers to work solving the tricky issues first, look at the small emerging companies in Sweden. Renovamus is doing just that.

(At this point Renovamus is compelled to put in the usual caveats, that this hasnt happened yet, and that the politics could change. However, this risk applies to all countries. Actually, given a straight-forward, long-term thinking culture, and bipartisan agreement to pursue green growth, Sweden is arguably not just a better place to invest in cleantech, but also a less risky one)