Luxembourg Green Exchange: Where’s the reef?

Today’s FT has written up the opening of the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX).  While I am all for innovation of green products generally, and specifically financial products, I don’t see a strong value proposition for this one. As I read it, LGX is trying to define the standard for trading of green bonds.  There seems to be […]

Now huge US pension fund agrees – you can’t ignore climate risks

The risks for pension investors of ignoring climate change have been highlighted, and avoided for some years now by Swedish pension funds.  Now Blackrock, a market leading US fund manager, with USD4.6 trillion dollars of funds under management has said that it agrees, and what to do about it. ‘Investors can no longer ignore climate change. Some […]

Electric Vehicles – About to transform your world

A superb article from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, articulates why Electric Vehicles are about to transform the world.  I’ve republished the first half editing out some of the fluff.   The end of the internal combustion engine for personal transport must surely be inevitable, it is just a question of the pace. One of the […]